Grant Konemann, Benjamin Tennikoff & Simon Kobler have been mates for years and have worked together on heaps of music projects. We all have a kind of infatuation with sound and the pursuit of bigger, better and more interesting sounds.

A big influence and inspiration for us comes from the birth of synthesisers and the distinguished progression of the hardware right through to modern day synths. We want to pay proper tribute to the drum synths that are responsible for what are still to this day some of the most integral tones being produced.

We decided that instead of keeping this diversion to ourselves, we would share it with the world!

(Enter Bottega...)

Drums synthesisers cost a fortune and what’s more, to get the optimal hardware to produce it and prepare it for use would sadly be an impossible feat for most. We’re always adding more gear but already have treasures that have allowed us to create some shiny shiny gold that we’re pumped to share with you.

Bottega is our way of getting these sounds to you and do the following sick things:

A) Live Drummers: If you use triggers on any of your drums then we can phatten up your live sound with supportive samples that can replace the live sound or, better yet, blend together like a mumma and a VitaMix.

B) Composers / Writers / Engineers: We're cutting through the mess by offering cream of the crop samples that are ready to be used as your rhythmic and percussive sounds. No more fussing through folders upon folders of sounds, sifting through uselessness for that one decent sound. Bottega samples make the hunt for dope sounds so much easier.

BENJAMIN TENNIKOFF @benjamin_tennikoff
SIMON KOBLER @captainkobler

The three of us have worked together on lots of music projects, tasked with designing sounds. It’s become something of an infatuation and we want to share it with you! 

Bottega offers state of the art sounds so that you can create and perform better music, more efficiently.
These sounds are designed to equip you whether you’re behind a computer or at your instruments. Leave the grunt work to us and let these fresh sounds inspire you to write and perform better than ever.

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