Drum & Percussion Samples

Drum & Percussion sounds are not to be downplayed or overlooked and we concern ourselves very much with these kinds of samples. They contribute so much to the overall rhythm and feel, and with the right sounds, will help lift a song into a whole new level of quality. 

With an emphasis on drum synthesisers and a wholehearted respect for sounds of old and modern sounds, the three of us at Bottega work hard to create important sounds that will enrich your composition.

Debut was, naturally, our first sample pack and is something special, much like a new bands first banger record. If you’re looking for a starting place for high-fi drum & perc samples then click DEBUT and check it out. 

If you’re a fan of that 80’s drum sound and wish you could give your song some of that love, MIDNIGHT is your jam. Midnight has some of the richest and creamiest samples that will leave you inspired to keep creating. It’s worth noting our snare sound ‘Mirror’ which is something else! Our kick sound ‘Heart’ is one of Kobler’s favourite all time kicks and there’s three full sets of toms that are distant cousins of one-another yet live in different sonic spaces entirely. You will dig this pack!

Sometimes you want your samples dug up with a little dirt left on them...we get you! Sometimes you dont want samples too clean or round, you like a little rugged character to it. A motif for our Supercast sample pack was precisely this. We wanted bold statement sounds that span the full drum kit and stacks of percussion. We were inspired by the sounds recorded before you could record digitally but we wanted things a little more polished to bring it up to speed. So check out SUPERCAST if you’re into the textures you can expect from old tape recording but recorded today without the undesirable mess.

BENJAMIN TENNIKOFF @benjamin_tennikoff
SIMON KOBLER @captainkobler

The three of us have worked together on lots of music projects, tasked with designing sounds. It’s become something of an infatuation and we want to share it with you! 

Bottega offers state of the art sounds so that you can create and perform better music, more efficiently.
These sounds are designed to equip you whether you’re behind a computer or at your instruments. Leave the grunt work to us and let these fresh sounds inspire you to write and perform better than ever.

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