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DEBUT is our very first sample pack chokka-block full of seriously sick samples. It’s a drum & percussion sample pack with full kit expression including percussive sounds and FX.

Years of sleepless nights hunched over different drum machines and synthesisers…that’s the source of inspiration for DEBUT. The three of us forming Bottega are often responsible for making sounds to help support live drums as well as stand along digital drum samples for rhythmic support and we really found our sweet spot in doing so. We wanted to share our love for drum and percussion samples with you and get really great samples into your hands so your composition can sound as good as it deserves to sound.

We have been working on these samples for a long time and have gone over them with an ultra-fine-tooth comb to ensure they are the absolute best expression of Bottega drum and percussion samples. This pack is a choice take on analog drum synthesised samples resulting in a richness of tone that will spark creativity in an instant. The three of us at Bottega have a real fondness of this pack and find ourselves pulling from these samples regularly.

50 Samples including Kicks, Snares, Toms, Hi Hats, Crashes, Claps, Percussion & FX. Take a peek at some loops we made with DEBUT and introduce your ears to their new best friends.


Bottega create samples from state of the art vintage and modern drum synthesisers and process through high-end hardware to add richness and further improve the quality so that our samples are easily incorporated by today's musicians, and producers. 

We know it’s important to have precise leading edges with drum & percussion samples and we make sure ours are all ready to be incorporated hassle-free. All our samples are prepared with as much guts as they can happily handle which means you’re not fussing about trying to get more level out of them.