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Totally rad VHS cool vice Ka-Boom RWND 

SUPERCAST is a tip of a bucket hat from a fingerless gloved hand. It’s the bmx bike you rode over that rickety ramp outside your neighbours house. It’s the first walkman you ever put a tape into and sung along with.

Now that we’ve painted the scene, SUPERCAST is a drum & percussion sample pack that lives and breathes the retro. You'll get yourself 82 samples that revolve around the era of tape & vinyl but have all the quality you need for modern use. This sample pack is full of energy & it's toasty warm on the ears. We’ve created killer sounds, then we threw them in the DeLorian to travel to the 80’s and back expect rich & righteous samples that will send your mind on an adventure.

Once again, we've worked h-a-r-d to give you access to fantastic drum samples. This pack is filled to the brim with gold. It sounds arrogant but we don't write this so we feel good, we write it so you feel good knowing you have the good stuff! We want you to confidently incorporate these samples either into your drumming or into your writing/producing knowing how much love went into the creation of these by people that don't cut corners or compromise on quality. 
We'll be using these samples as we write songs and as we help produce other songs. We also have SUPERCAST loaded onto our drum machines so we can use the samples while we drum live. 

You can audition every sample below [scroll down] but only dare audition them with headphones because your little bitty computer/phone speaker won't do it justice and when you load this onto your drum machine you'll end up with a heck of a lot more than you thought you bargained for.