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MIDNIGHT is most definitely a rich, creamy & powerful drum & percussion sample pack.

Inspired by the wonderful era of the eighties, we considered the icons and we created samples that they would be proud of. Some of you might fear imperfections or possible noise creeping in when your eyes are set on drum sounds from that era but rest assured we have provided clean, crisp sounds that give you sonic nostalgia with modern quality.   

This sample pack is made up of kick drums, snare drums, toms, hats, crashes and there’s a heap of percussion too. Get ready to blow your mind with snare drum samples that are so flippen phat but somehow still sharp and attacky.

As usual we have put all kinds of care into the creation of these beauties and processed each sample with all sorts of hardware and software. The three of us tasked ourselves with creating the Bottega version of an 80’s Michael Jackson style snare drum and we finally landed on two that are just so much fun and so full bodied, it’s wild…you should get excited!

A few sounds in this pack were so cool that we just had to include them with varying degrees of openness so you can really get the most out of them no matter the genre or purpose. This sample pack is waiting to grace your project and your live kit, so enough reading already...


52 Samples including Kicks, Snares, Toms, Hi Hats, Crashes, Claps, Percussion & FX

Take a peek at some loops we made with MIDNIGHT and introduce your ears to their new best friends.

Bottega create samples from state of the art vintage and modern drum synthesisers and process through high-end hardware to add richness and further improve the quality so that our samples are easily incorporated by today's musicians, and producers. 

We know it’s important to have precise leading edges with drum & percussion samples and we make sure ours are all ready to be incorporated hassle-free. All our samples are prepared with as much guts as they can happily handle which means you’re not fussing about trying to get more level out of them.