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The Modify sample pack is full of Impacts, Rises, Swells & Noise, made to enhance your writing and recording experience. All of these sounds are absolutely without a doubt high high quality. These are the sounds you fuss about making for the songs you care about. These samples take time to create and we know your time is very precious - we also know that there's little reason for you to have to recreate some of the more staple sounds that sit back in the mix. We want to be the source of these bread and butter samples but when we talk bread and butter...we mean the best sourdough money can buy and that French butter that could only come from a heavenly cow.

Modify has been crafted from vintage & modern synthesisers and produced carefully so each sound is completely ready to be incorporated into your session/song. 

After auditioning these sounds below, you'll hear the richness and warmth in each sound. These samples are designed to be able to sit in your back pocket so that you can quickly bust them out and turn that important moment in your song into a winning moment without any fuss.

We can't wait for you to drop these sounds into your project!